Der Husten tritt beim Pferd oft als Spätsymptom auf

Cough in horses as a late symptom

The cough in the horse as a late symptom & the thing with the word CHRONIC

"But that has to get better at some point...", "Last year he only reacted to pollen, now to hay dust...", "He once had bronchitis when he was being raised...", "But she hasn't had it for 4 months now coughed...", "..he coughs only briefly when trotting.." - we hear such sentences every day from desperate horse owners. Surely one or the other sentence will sound familiar to you.

The cough often occurs in horses as a late symptom, usually weeks later after the onset of a budding lung problem. And that is exactly what is fatal: we can therefore often only act late, sometimes too late, or take the "little hump" lightly. Shortness of breath, listlessness, slight nasal discharge, etc. are the first symptoms, while the cough is the late symptom.
The vast majority of lung diseases that last more than eight weeks are referred to as chronic. Chronic is a disease that develops slowly but steadily - with different phases.

Damaged lung tissue no longer regenerates and will be more susceptible to secondary infections, bacteria, environmental influences and allergens in the future. To put it briefly: The horse will no longer be healthy.

The first resort is medication: anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, expectorants, bronchodilators. This is definitely recommended, especially in acute phases where inhalation alone is not sufficient. However, one must not forget that many orally administered drugs damage the body sooner or later: liver damage, stomach ulcers, laminitis, watery faeces, etc. can be the result.

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