Inhale brine. healthy horses.

Ultrasonic nebulizers and brine from Pegasalt are innovative and inexpensive. Bringing the sea climate to your home stable in a simple and uncomplicated way - that is our goal!

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Inhalation with brine

Get the latest information on horse inhalation with brine now. Affordable inhalation devices for private use and for professional use. We give tips and tricks for installation and how to build a brine box yourself and share our personal experiences on the subject of brine therapy with you!

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Maintenance & Repair

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Build a brine chamber for horses

How do I actually build my own brine chamber?

Pegasalt tips and tricks for building your own salt chamber. What size should the brine chamber be? Which horse trailer is suitable? Can I also inhale with a mask? Which brine should I use? How long to inhale? Can I convert an old horse box? Can I also rent an inhaler? We answer these and other questions in our guide!

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