Erfahrungsbericht zur Soleinhalation beim Pony von Janina

Field report on brine inhalation by Janina

My pony has been seriously ill with chronic bronchitis for some time. At some point I decided to buy the FlexiNeb, which had served me well for a while, but somehow it didn't do that much. Unfortunately, I also have no possibility for room inhalation, so I can only let my pony inhale with a mask. So I was looking for a device that has more power but still works for inhalation with a mask. I stumbled across the Pegasalt site last year and discovered the Equi Easy Neb. I then contacted Sarah again because of a few questions I still had, but it was really clear very quickly that it should be the device.

What I also really like about the Equi Easy Neb is that you can give your horse the brine treatment at home at a really relatively low price without any stress. My pony loves the daily inhalation, we now have our very fixed routine and most of the time she can hardly wait until I have everything set up. She then either gets ready or tries to put her head in the mask, we don't even need a halter to inhale! I think your satisfaction is the best feedback you can get.


The Equi Easy Neb is really very easy to use, everything is set up quickly and cleaning is also very quick and uncomplicated. If you only use the Equi Easy Neb with a mask, as I do, and not for room inhalation, you have to be extra careful when inhaling. The hose is relatively tight in the device and does not simply pull out if the horse gets frightened and the device can easily fall over as a result. As soon as the brine gets inside via the ventilation slot, this can lead to problems. To prevent this, I always sit next to the device and hold it a little tight just in case. Then it works really well! But Sarah certainly has other ideas on how to attach the device well for mask inhalation if sitting next to the device and being careful is not an option.


I'm totally amazed every time how much brine the Equi Easy Neb atomizes, that's really great. Since, as I said, I only use the device for inhalation with a mask, I cannot judge exactly how room inhalation with the Equi Easy Neb works. But I've tried the Equi Easy Neb in our shower stall before when I was sick myself. It worked really well there, even on a very low level and for just a few minutes!

customer service

As I said, I'm really happy that I decided to buy the Equi Easy Neb last year, the device is really great and I don't want to be without it anymore. But what absolutely stands out with Pegasalt is their customer service. Sarah is so incredibly helpful, you can always turn to her with questions and you get an answer really quickly. In addition, through her own experience, she has an incredible amount of knowledge on the subject of chronic bronchitis in horses. When I had questions, I sometimes received voice messages from Sarah on WhatsApp that were more than 10 minutes long, in which she answered everything in detail. I think that is really not a matter of course!
In between, I've had bad luck, due to stupid circumstances, because I wasn't paying attention, the device fell over, which caused brine to get into the device. As a result, the device broke, but that in itself was not a problem at all. I quickly sent Sarah a message and within a very short time I had a repaired device back and was able to continue inhaling with my pony. This is really super fast and uncomplicated, which is why there is really no drama at all if something goes wrong with the device or if a wearing part has to be replaced.
At Pegasalt, I really have the feeling that the focus is on me as a customer and I can really say with a clear conscience that I would recommend Pegsalt and the Equi Easy Neb to anyone who really wants to do something good for their horse!

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