Hilfe, mein Pferd hustet - auf was neben der Sole-Inhalation noch geachtet werden muss

Help my horse is coughing - what else needs to be looked at in addition to inhalation

The inhalation alone does not make it: Keyword posture optimization.
Anyone who is diagnosed with COPD, RAO, COB, equine asthma, etc. is often overwhelmed: What's next? What do I have to change? What is my horse reacting to?

With inhalation you have taken a path that is definitely right. The lungs of such horses are often so damaged that they can no longer perform their function or only to a limited extent: independent removal of mucus, etc., oxygen/CO2 exchange, etc. You can treat the lungs by inhaling brine, NaCl, but also medication support and stabilize them.

Another important point in addition to the inhalation is the analysis of the posture and the environmental factors: is my horse dust-free? Is it fed dust-free? Is the rest of the barn area also dust-free? Does my horse have enough fresh air? Is there enough room to move? Are there grasses, shrubs, etc. near the stables that my horse is allergic to?

You can only escape the hamster wheel with a combination of postural optimization and inhalation. If many factors that lead to mucus formation and swollen airways have already been eliminated through posture, inhaling brine can help to stabilize and maintain your state of health.

Regular inhalation supports the function of the lungs - see for yourself, try it out & rent one of our devices for a few weeks.

Yours, Mirjam from Team PEGASALT

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